Dale BowenDale Bowen

Dale was born Staffordshire 1963, where he still lives. Always interested in painting from an early age he went on to study art at Newcastle-under-Lyme college. He is a master potter and has worked in the industry for over 20 years, firstly for Coalport China and then for Wedgwood for the last 15 years. Working for Wedgewood in the Prestige Department, he created many one-off pieces for the collectors’ market and commissions. Many of these pieces were highly decorated and exclusive, fetching in some cases in excess of £100,000. More recently he gained a masters degree in ceramics at Staffordshire Uiniversity and exhibited privately in New York, Washington and San Francisco, including an Exclusive masterpiece collection in Japan for Wedgwood. Individual commissioned pieces include one for Coalports 250th anniversary, the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday celebrations, the Battle of Trafalgar 200 years celebrations at Portsmouth Naval Museum and also a plaque of the same event presented to Her Majesty on board Victory at the same event.

Katy Jade Dobson

Katy Jade Dobson

Originally from Yorkshire, Katy spent her childhood feeding her love for art with a self taught approach to drawing and painting. Pursuing art throughout her educated life through to the University of Lincoln where she currently resides, Katy applied her second love for wildlife and nature into her artistic ventures.

Inspired by the ethereal qualities of Odilon Redon and further by his use of vivid colour, Katy descended into opulent oil paintings of wildlife scenes and subjects of nature and animals depicting intricate detailing with spontaneous and kinetic overtones. Further admiration for elegance and richness of palette brought Katy to combine these loves to create oil paintings with a plethora of colour, and a blend of drama, harmony, presence and dissolve.

Gary WaltonGary Walton

Gary discovered a natural gift for painting at an early age, excelling at all things creative throughout his school years. His remarkable technical ability lead to a successful career in graphic design, where he continued to hone his draughtsmanship. At first painting only in his spare time, Walton’s unique style gradually developed into the instantly recognizable works of today.

Influenced by the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali, Walton’s paintings depict ethereal scenes, blurring the line between dream and reality. Many of his works in fact start life as dreams; images seen in his sleep are translated onto canvas with astonishing clarity. Of his inspirations, Walton states ‘I looked deep inside myself to create my individual style of art… It took time to adapt my passion for surrealism to bring my work to life until my creation was born’.

Despite having resided inland over recent years, Walton’s affection for the coast is evident in many of his works, with boats, beach huts and lighthouses a recurring motif. Whimsical buildings inhabit the rolling hills of his landscapes, providing both the audience and artist with a means to escape to his fantastical locations.

Since becoming a full- time artist Walton’s style has continued to develop, with an ever- growing army of collectors relishing each new collection.

peter-worswickRuby Keller

Ruby Keller is in fact the pseudonym for highly regarded artist, Peter Worswick. Peter is regarded as one of the UK’s most collectable artists. Peter has exhibited through out the UK including Kensington Palace and his work is held in private collections all over the world. Peter has always maintained a fresh approach to his work by experimenting with new styles and techniques.
In 2010 he decided to show some of his work under the name of Ruby Keller, and working with ‘Image Design’ his sole agent for Ruby’s work has proved a success as the work by Ruby is much sought after and Peter is working flat out to keep up with the demand.
Peter Worswick / Ruby Keller started life in a small town in Lancashire, following three years studying art and design, then travelled around Europe, setting in Paris for three years. Having recently returned to England he now lives and works in a studio in Cumbria.

roz_bellRoz Bell

Born in Zimbabwe, Rozanne developed her artistic career there, painting the colourful flora and fauna of Africa, which she then personalised with her own humorous perspective. She came to Britain in 2002, and whilst her style and subject matter has since expanded greatly, the memories and influence of her native country are reflected in the vibrancy and depth of her paintings. Today her love of the Dorset countryside where she lives, and the coves and harbours of Cornwall have a great influence in her work. Focusing predominantly on contemporary taste for naive art, Rozanne’s artistic techniques are displayed in each of her paintings, which encompass a complexity and variety of mixed media. The end result is a marvellous depth of colour and texture. Her steady search for new techniques and subject matter ensures that her skills are constantly evolving to produce a wide variety of art all iconically recognisable.

 Andy Shattock

Born in Worthing, Sussex, his family moved to Clayhall Essex when he was 10 and now Andy lives and works in East Grinstead. After leaving school and studying at the London College of Printing he had the good fortune to be employed in a first-class design company. In 2001, he returned to Sussex where he now works as an artist.

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